I'm back. It feels like I've been gone from the blogging world for weeks and in fact my last blog was almost 2 weeks ago. I'm a slacker but a slacker with a good excuse. I went into nature. My husband and I packed up our baby girl and met my family in the Colorado mountains for a week of camping/fishing/hiking/campfiring etc. Although I was "roughing" it by not being able to blog because I was sans computer I still had many a blogs being written in my head. I will let the first of those pour out now:


In 2005 I watched a movie called "March of the Penguins" that describes the yearly journey of emperor penguins in Antarctica. The movie had a lasting impact on me for a number of reasons and has garnered many hours of reflection because of the inborn nature of these mysterious animals. During the breeding season for these particular penguins, the females lay 1 egg and hand it over to the father while she trudges over 60 miles back to the closest open water for food. At the point of laying the egg the female will have been without food for 2 months and will have lost 1/3 of her body weight. While the female is away getting food for herself and the unborn chick the fathers sole job becomes protecting the egg from the -79 degree weather. The father penguins then keep the eggs on their feet close to their body for 2 months all huddling together for warmth while the females are gone. Finally when the females come back they switch and the males get to return to the water, which is now 70 miles away, for their own food because at this point the males penguins have been without food for 4 months and have lost 1/2 their body weight. It is just before this transition that the eggs hatch OR don't hatch. It is when the father is his weakest that he waits to see if that egg cracks open and there is life there and all their hard work had been enough.

Now don't laugh but, I was sucked into watching "Happy Feet" with my daughter the other day and it is a cartoon movie about a dancing penguin. At the very beginning of the movie the father penguins are all looking down waiting for their eggs to hatch. One penguin is waiting and waiting and I couldn't help but thinking "You better hatch! Look at all that work he did. Oh please hatch!" I couldn't bear the loss and grief that the penguin would feel. Well the chick does in fact hatch in this kids movie, of course, but in real life many don't. I got teary thinking about it and later wondered why.

I am in the process of recording a new record. I have HUGE amounts of time and HUGE amounts of our already very little money and HUGE amounts of my heart and HUGE amounts of our resources and just HUGE amounts of me invested into what will be a few tracks on someones ipod. What is hitting me the hardest though is even after all of the work that goes into it, I will one day have to sit and watch and wait for that egg to hatch. Will there be life in this cd? Will it walk out among other people and bring life? My focus...HUGE amounts of prayer. I am contributing my part and, although I tend to shy away from asking for prayer, here I go anyway...could you pray with me?

Genesis 2:7 says "7 Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person."

Pray that the Lord will breathe the breath of life into these songs and this record so that they may live and have purpose. I thank you already :)

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