Poll Results...

So a couple of days ago I posted a "wee little poll " to see what people's thoughts are on christian music. Most of the results were not really shocking to me but a couple of the results made me wonder. I am going to list the results below where they stand right now and then give you my answers and a little feedback...Here we go... Question #1 Do you listen to christian music? 70% said yes 13% said sometimes 1% said no

-As for me I answered yes. Although San Diego is notorious for bad christian radio reception I don't think I would listen to the christian radio station anyway. Most of the best christian music isn't played on the radio and never will be so I stick to the christian music I buy (John Mark McMillan, Hillsong United, etc.)

Question #2 How much christian music do you own? 65.43% said 20+ CDs 20.99% said 10-19 CDs 13.58% said 1-9 CDs 0% said None

-I have 22 christian CDs. What's most interesting about this number to me is that while 22 CDs equals about 220-250 songs I have a total of 4000 songs in my itunes. That means that christian music is only 1/16th of my music collection.

Question #3 Do you think christian music quality is as good as non-christian (mainstream) music? 46.25% said Yes 43.75% said No 10% said they are Equal

-I answered no and found these results as a little of a shock. Especially when you know that a christian music budget to record a cd is anywhere from $25,000-$75,000 and to record one of the well known non-christian mainstream records record labels could spend over a million dollars.

Question #4 Who is the the best christian band of all time? 29.67% said Other 20.88% said Switchfoot 15.38% said Hillsong United 10.99% said Delirious? 10.99% said Michael W. Smith 8.79% said Jars of Clay 2.2% said Mercy Me 1.1% said Third Day

-For this answer I chose Delirious. Out of all of the bands that I listed Delirious is the only band that has hugely impacted the christian pop/rock and worship communities. Their songs are being sung around the world in churches as well as being able to deliver creative christian music. Some of the "Other" bands that were written in for the 29.67% of voters were:

Leeland Hawk Nelson David Crowder Stryper Keith Green Rich Mullins and one vote for Sarah MacIntosh (thanks mom!)

Question #5 If you had to listen to only one of these two bands for the rest of your life, who would you choose? 52.63% said Mercy Me 47.37% said The Beatles

-These results were the most shocking to me. I chose The Beatles and thought that the results would be a landslide but in fact as you can see Mercy Me came out on top. My husband said perhaps it shows that most of the voters are in a new generation that is too young for The Beatles but maybe people just love Mercy Me. Way to go Texas boys.

Question #6 In what area do you think christian music needs to improve? 36.89% said Originality 21.31% said Creativity 17.21% said Content (lyrical depth) 13.93% said Musicianship 6.56% said Other 4.1% said None

-I chose Originality but quickly realized that I should have had an option for "all of the above." A few of the "Other" voter's did list "all of the above" as their write in.

So, are these the answers you expected? Let me know your thoughts and feel free to continue to vote if you haven't already or send the link to your friends so that they can vote. I will post any major changes that happen. Well done you guys and thanks so much for your honesty!