The Movement of Music...

Is there any modern music that can hold a candle to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (Ode To Joy)? Each time I listen (and I’ve listened so many times I couldn’t begin to count) I am swept away on a current of emotions, high, then low, laughing and then crying. Since I first remember being introduced to this song years and years ago I have never known what the lyrics at the end were because they are sung in German. There was no need for the lyrics though. The music is shouting, then whispering, then lulling, and encouraging. My favorite part of the song, is perhaps, is at 6:41-7:41 (this is what time of the song that I am referring. My favorite part is at 6 minutes and 41 seconds into the song). Listening again just now I feel my heart speed up and tears come to my eyes. I have found the English translation to this part and now know why it has moved me so. Here are a portion of the lyrics now go listen to the symphony and lay your head back and close your eyes and enjoy. Be embraced, you millions! This kiss for the whole world! Brothers, beyond the star-canopy Must a loving Father dwell. Do you bow down, you millions? Do you sense the Creator, world? Seek Him beyond the star-canopy! Beyond the stars must He dwell.

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