Yard-work and antibiotics...

A couple of days ago my husband Jonny and I were driving near our house and saw a man mowing his yard. The scene was so crazy I almost drove off the road watching him. Now let me describe the scene. Small older man with small older looking push lawnmower. Yard that was about the size of a tennis court. Grass that was about 2 feet tall.

Since the man's lawn mower was not a tractor or even riding lawn mower he was just ramming the lawn mower into the grass over and over in an attempt to make the grass lay over enough so that the blades of the mower would have a chance to do their chopping. In the 15 seconds it took us to drive by I don't think the man made an inch of progress but you could clearly see that he had already made three lanes of cutting around the outskirts of the yard. I began to wonder how long he had been mowing. Surely he had been out there for hours. What a daunting task! I'm not sure that I would have stuck with it. I think I would have found a way to live jungle style or even a moved on to a new house with the grass already cut. About 2 and a half hours later it was dark and Jonny and I drove back by the house and saw the yard was half done. The man had diligently labored for hours, probably till the sun went down and all that was finished was half. I imagined the soreness that he would be feeling the next day and the dread of knowing there would be many more hours in the sun working on the second half of the yard but by the third day he would be able to wake and see it was done.

Well, as usual, my head started swimming with the spiritual. How many times have I known people who have thought their lives were too messed up for the Lord to save them or for them to turn it around. I know people who have made huge lying messes and thought the only way out was even more lying. I know that when I go to the doctor with a sickness that the antibiotics don't fix all the symptoms and sickness right away but I take them anyway knowing that eventually I will be well. So I am thinking of this man and his way too tall grass and reminding myself that it is never too late to repent. It is never too late to be saved. It is never too late to turn our faces once again to our Savior and let Him take the time to reshape our lives into something that glorifies Him. It will take time but we can know that eventually we will be well and we can wake and see that His work is done.

Posted on March 23, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything.