Junk Music

I have decided that Christian music, as well as all music, comes in different forms much like food does. There is: 1. healthy ‘good for your body’ stuff that also tastes good 2. healthy stuff that doesn’t taste so good but you eat it anyway because it is good for you 3. the ‘just okay for you but tastes better and is easy to make’ stuff 4. the junk ‘oh so bad for you but tastes soooo good for you’ food

I have long been wondering why oh why healthy food can never compare in taste to a molten lava chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream? There is not a single healthy choice of food that comes close to giving my mouth the yummy satisfaction that the lava cake does. Why?

I think I have discovered the reason and this is what I also have been thinking about music as well; the lava cake has only one hope and that is to get you hooked by the instant gratification that it brings with it’s gooey chocolatey-ness. It can bring nothing else to the table except extra pounds, a huge sugar crash and a few cavities; thus, it tries to make me forget all of that by being so very good up front.

On the other hand some of my favorite healthy foods are more laid back. Cantaloupe, edamame, and water know that they can be more subtle in their goodness because I will reap rewards from a healthy eating lifestyle for years to come. Water alone may not have the delicious taste of a Dr. Pepper but it will give me good skin, refresh me, help with my metabolism, not to mention has no calories, among so so many other benefits. This drinking water habit I have will benefit me for the rest of my life in ways I will probably never know.

So, where am I going with this? There are songs on the radio and in music that will grab your attention right off with a sugary sweet melody and beat but there is nothing meaningful or purposeful (other than making some money for the record label) to these songs. I believe they also contribute to stunting your spiritual growth just like junk food hinders healthy growth. On the other hand there are songs that normally don’t even make it to radio that have so much depth and meat to them that they will be with you for the rest of your life. They will be the staples that you can look back on and remember the Lord revealing something new and fresh to you each time you hear them.

There are a few songs that I would put in my extremely meaty catagory:

1. Tears of the Saints- Leeland 2. Tear Down the Walls- Joel Houston 3. Our God Reigns- Delirious? 4. King of All Days- Dylan Thomas 5. True Love- Phil Wickham 6. How He Loves- John Mark McMillan 7. Revelation Song- Jenny Lee Riddle 8. You Hold Me Now- Reuben Morgan, Matt Crocker

There is a huge amount of depth in the songwriting as well as the musicality in these songs. They feed me and replenish me. Seek out songs like these and the people who write these songs that aren't just sugar. Invest in their careers so that they can continue playing music and writing for our benefit and the rewards for your body, soul and spirit will be endless.

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