Olympians and Musicians

Worship: to ascribe worth to something. As a Christian, worship means ascribing worship to our God, a lot of the times through music and singing but most of the time with our daily living. To a non-Christian it means ascribing worship to many different things and in many different ways. Oftentimes when I am trying to find freshness and newness in my worship of my Creator I look to the ways that I celebrate other aspects and people in life. One of the things I am most excited about right now is the Olympics being held in Vancouver, Canada. As an avid runner and tomboy I have been in sports/athletic activity from a very young age and the Olympics are like a gift of pure pleasure for me to watch. I find myself Tivo-ing every sport, learning about every athlete and holding my breath as my favorites compete.

Since running is one of my favorite pastimes, it is the endurance sports of the Olympics that I look forward to the most. Already I've watched the women's nordic skiing and seen a woman from another country fall into a hole at the side of the trail while warming up for her event. She fell, hitting a tree and rock and broke 4 ribs. But, before getting sent to a hospital and treated, she competed in her long distance nordic event and barely made it through the semifinals and then into the final.

I watched with eager anticipation as she stayed near the front throughout the entire race and then at the end pushed and pushed until she crossed the finish line and won the bronze medal. She got 3rd! Four broken ribs and who knows how many bruises and other hurting spots yet she did it! As I watched her struggle and success, I was the person alone in my house watching, jumping up and down and cheering for her! I had tears in my eyes from the pure joy and excitement of her accomplishment. I have told others about what she did and the obstacles she overcame in order to do it. I also made myself go further and run faster than normal, during my run later that day, because I was so inspired by her.

Do I ever do this with God? Do I ever wait on the edge of my seat for the moment that is coming where I get to see Him and respond with jumping up and down, cheering, tear-filled, joyful adoration? Do I ever run out immediately and tell anyone and everyone about what He has done? Do I ever spend time imitating Him because of the way He has inspired my life?

If I find myself doing this then I find myself worshipping Him and believe me, He is much more accomplished and worthy of my worship than any medal winning, world record breaking, odds defying athlete. He is God!

Posted on February 20, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything, Thoughts On Worship.