Vicky Beeching & worship for the ladies

Without a doubt I had no problem quickly singing along the first time I heard "Here I Am To Worship." I was about to head out on tour with Michael W. Smith (I was his background singer as well as his acoustic guitarist) and was learning the songs we would be singing on that tour. Michael introduced this song to us during rehearsals and even though we were in a rehearsal space and not a church service I closed my eyes and sang it out with a worshippers heart. There have been many songs throughout my life that have been written, usually by guys, that have had an impact on me like this one but I can't help but notice that very few of them are written by females. My husband one time looked at me while I was singing along to the radio and said "Why do you always sing along to songs in harmony." I'm not sure what I answered at that time but I think my answer should've been "because this song is not written in a woman's key." Usually when a guy is leading worship at church the songs are either too high or too low for girls to sing along in the melody so we either sing a harmony (mine usually alto) or we sing in a crazy high falsetto that just sounds weird. It's because of this that I am so excited about Vicky Beeching's new cd. I have been hearing her songs being recorded by my husband for the past few months and have been eagerly awaiting the moment when everyone else gets to hear them as well. She is one of the few female worship leaders out there who is writing great congregational worship songs that I think will connect quickly with the church due to a freshness lyrically, creativity musically, and just the flat out fact that she is giving us the words that we need to say to our Father in worship of Him. Now adding to that, she is singing on the record in keys that I can worship right along with in melody. I don't have to jump around looking for a harmony because the song is too high or low like a Chris Tomlin song would be. I can't imagine how quickly my windows would shatter if I tried to sing along with him on his recording of "How Great Is Our God." It is so unbelievably high (or low) for a woman because it is in a man's key. Vicky's new full length record is set to be released April 6th which I would strongly advise anyone to go out straight away and buy but before you can do that you can get her 3 song EP tomorrow. Wake up, grab your coffee, walk to your computer with your blurry-I-just-woke-up-eyes and download her EP on ITunes. Then let those 3 worship songs set the tone for your day. Enjoy!

Posted on February 15, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything, Thoughts On Worship.