so here i my kitchen. just spent who knows how long working on this blog page and im hoping i havent messed something up. i have no qualm with someone telling me that i am not a computer fact im sure there are many 10 year old little kids who couldve done what just took me hours and had it finished in 20 minutes. oh well...ill stick to what i do. i write and i sing. i read and i ponder all so later i can write and sing. this is a revolving door that i love being stuck in. yes sometimes it makes me a bit dizzy but boy does it make me smile. ive found out lately that twitter is just not enough words. recently my husband told me that it was hard to read one of my tweets because i had shortened words so much that you could harldy tell what the original word was. oh well, maybe that was just pushing me here. to this blog. im glad it did.

Posted on February 1, 2010 and filed under Anything and Everything.